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Never forget that we can always choose. In spite of what is happening around us, we can always choose. There are a million things we can’t control, which leaves a million things we can control. We can choose the comfort of the chaos we know, we can choose the solace of the fear that intimidates us or we can tread the path unbeaten. To choose love instead of fear. To choose peace instead of conflict. To choose joy instead of despair. We may not be able to control what life throws at us but never forget that we can always choose how we respond.

What you can expect

Your charm is accompanied by beautiful words of inspiration that tell the story behind your charms message, thoughtfully packaged in a soft velvet pouch and box. The perfect gift for you and your beloved pet, or share as a gift with a new pet owner or other pet obsessed friends.

Information & Fit
Finish: 18k Gold Plated
Charm Width: 30mm
Accompanying 18k Gold plated 20MM brass split ring 

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